WOW stands for Ways of Wisdom, which comes from the Bible book of Proverbs.
Who doesn’t want wisdom? Wisdom is really needed today!


The Bible book of proverbs is full of wisdom, especially the 1st nine chapters are written especially for young adults. A life without God teaches us the following things:

  • Be successful as soon as possible.
  • Fast sex,
  • Short relationships,
  • Wrong friends.

But it does not work like that.
Money is secondary to wisdom. Proverbs clearly speaks of it.

We want to introduce the young adults to their Heavenly Father!
God cares about the heart! God is personal and created you before the foundation of the world. If your identity is in Him, then you will become wise and you will be an impact in your environment.

Young Adults

Practical Information

WOW wants to meet quarterly to connect, learn from the Word of God, and be family. Are you also hungry for more?

Do you need friendship, breakthrough, and change? Then this is for you!

WOW is for everyone from 16 to 25+ and YOU are welcome.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Sunday in the RED room of the Dominion Center.

Ellermanstraat 30,
1114 AK, Amsterdam Duivendrecht.

Time: We start at 10:30 am.

Once a quarter we organize a WOW Event for all young adults in the Netherlands.

The next event will take place on Saturday 25 September, are you coming?

WoW Events