Dominion Centre House of Prayer (DC-HOP)

Prayer has played an important role since the start of God’s Embassy.
Before the first Sunday celebration took place on January 9th in 2005, we were engaged in intense weekly prayer for 14 months.
Prayer has always been the lifeline of the story of God’s Embassy. Below you will find a list of all prayer initiatives.

Before every celebration there is a time of prayer: on Saturday from 4:30 pm and on Sunday mornings from 9:40 am. During these prayer times we focus on praying for the celebration, all are welcome. 

Location: DC HOP


Monday prayer meeting

Monday evening there will be prayers via Zoom for the congregation and for other relevant matters. This Zoom starts at 7:30 PM and lasts until approximately 9:00 PM. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The Zoom link is in the weekly news flash. If you do not receive it, please register here.

Once a month this prayer meeting is canceled because the GPEC prayer meeting takes place. You can find the information about this in the news flash.

Thursday evening there will be physical prayers in the DCHOP. A time of worship starts at 7:30 PM and then the Holy Ghost is asked to lead the time of prayer. These special times have provided much direction and clarity over the years. God’s presence is often tangible. We finish at 10 p.m.

Everyone is welcome.

Thursday prayer meeting


A group of intercessors pray regularly for the congregation. This group meets monthly after a Sunday celebration to receive instructions, as well as to share thoughts, revelations and prayer insights.

In principle, this is a closed group, but if you are a member of Embassy and want to participate, please send a request to participate in the group of intercessors via the button below.

There is a prayer ministry team that is basically available after the celebration for people who wish to receive prayer for a personal need. This service is now also available through Zoom, as not everyone can come to the celebration.

This prayer is available from 1 pm on Sunday. The Zoom link for this is in the news flash. If you do not receive it, please register here.

Prayer teams

Crisis Prayer Chain

There is also a crisis prayer team. This team is called in for life-threatening situations in the immediate family sphere of congregation members.

You can make your request known by e-mail. It is also possible that you make this known to one of the Embassy employees by telephone or WhatsApp. In principle, people pray for this crisis for 24 hours.

From time to time we have night prayer meetings. In principle, these start late on Friday evening and continue into the night. These night prayer meetings are announced in the news flash and then the prayer topics and exact times are also announced.

Everyone is welcome to (partly) participate in these night prayer meetings.

Nightly prayer meeting

Pray and abstain

God’s Embassy has periods of prayer and fasting several times a year. Usually this is in January and at the end of the summer in August. Each period has a theme and for each day Bible texts have been selected for prayer. During this period there is a physical prayer meeting every evening at the DCHOP. The texts and data are reported in the news flash.

Everyone is welcome to participate.