What’s Next?! – Dick Westerhof

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15 april 2024

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A prototype for a church in this time of reformation


There is a lot of talk about the kingdom of God. Yet not everyone realizes the full breadth of the meaning of the Gospel of the Kingdom. God has commanded us to make his Kingdom visible in every sphere of society. We are now living in a time of great change. This offers us opportunities as Christians! In order to equip the saints in this new era, so that they are able to represent the Kingdom, the church will need to change.

In this book Dick Westerhof makes practical sense of the impact of this holistic approach to the Gospel. He shares about the consequences of this approach for how the church functions and on all aspects of the body of Christ. This effect is very surprising. When the modern-day church has apostolic leadership based on the Gospel of the Kingdom, then it will look vastly different from our traditional churches. The examples in this book are not theoretical but have already been and are still being applied in the apostolic center that is being led by Dick.


“This book is “dangerous” for people who like the status quo. However, those who are moved by the prophetic challenge that Dick places in front of them, will find that this book provides rich insight. “What’s Next?!” is an incredible and special gift for the body of Christ, because this book has been written from experiences and is rooted in reality.” Piet Brinksma.


Dick Westerhof studied civil engineering at Delft University of Technology. He has been self-employed in the IT sector for 20 years. Dick and his wife Arleen are the founders and leaders of God’s Embassy Amsterdam church. He is also the initiator and leader of the apostolic network By Design.


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