The time of shaking is not over yet. We are going from crisis to crisis.

Fortunately, prophetic words give us direction and apostolic words give us insight into how to position ourselves to build.

Both are needed now more than ever. There are challenges as well as opportunities to advance God's kingdom and our own calling.

In short: We need the prophetic and apostolic perspective.

Arleen Westerhof leads the Netherlands Prophetic Council and together with Sharon Stone leads the European Prophetic Council and she is also a member of the International Prophetic Council (led by Cindy Jacobs). To get a broad perspective, Arleen will share the words of these councils in addition to her own word. This will give you an overview of what God is doing worldwide.

Dick Westerhof will give the apostolic perspective and will give you tools to accomplish things to make God’s kingdom manifest in this new year.

General information:

Location: Dominion Center, Ellermanstraat 30, 1114 AK Amsterdam-Duivendrecht

Speakers: Dick & Arleen Westerhof

Date: Saturday January 14th 2023

Time: 10.00 am – 05.00 pm

Costs: 30,00 euro per person, incl. Lunch