CAR does not publish its own materials, but we would like to highlight a few books to you. These books support the heart and vision we have for seeing people move into their destiny. These books are published by Mandate Publishing, which is part of By Design, just as CAR is.

Below is a selection of books published by Mandate Publishing.
To make an order or to see all books, please visit the Mandate Publishing website.

Mandate Publishing is part of By Design. The apostolic center By Design focuses mainly on equipping Christians and specifically on equipping them in the field of these new insights. Training is necessary for this equipment, but that alone is not enough. Books and other resources are also needed here. However, these are not or hardly available. Publisher Mandate Publishing was founded to meet this need and started publishing books in 2015. The publisher’s goal is to bring out By Design’s unique sound through publications and other forms of media. It is therefore an important support for the training and conferences provided by the center. The greater reach of Mandate Publishing helps to widely publicize the sound and message of the apostolic center By Design.

Mandate Publishing