(Re)listen to the prophetic and apostolic words Dick & Arleen shared during Get Ready for 2020, or to the prophetic words Chuck Pierce gave for the Netherlands. During the Get Ready for 2020 conference, Dick and Arleen shared some important messages that are applicable to anyone in the times we are living in right now. Chuck Pierce gave directive prophetic messages for the Netherlands (and Belgium and Germany) on the 22nd of January. The audio recordings of these events are now available. We recommend listening and re-listening to these messages. You can hear the audio recordings below.

Under each event you find a short description of the message.

It is a new time; it is time to take the land. God is moving, and whoever wants to see transformation must move with Him. We should no longer place Gods words about revival in the future. Revival is HERE and reformation is happening NOW. Arleen talks about how to stand on these prophetic words in order to see them become reality in your life NOW. Arleen also mentions a new ‘giant’, that anyone desiring transformation will have to face in this new era. Many are opposed by this giant, but God gave us His strategies for the victory. Listen to the recording and read how you too can be victorious.

Get Ready 2020 (morning) – Arleen Westerhof

Get Ready for 2020
Arleen Westerhof

Get Ready for 2020
Dick Westerhof

In this new era we have a role as king-priests. Dick is showing from scripture how we can combine the role of king and the role of priest in perfect harmony. In the Old Testament there was a clear and strict separation between the apostolic and priestly ministries but now God joins these two together in Christ. So now there will be perfect harmony between the role of the revivalist and the reformer. It ends with a heavenly court case dealing with the rejection of revival in the Netherlands which has been a legal right for the enemy to stop revival coming to the Netherlands.
Get Ready 2020 (afternoon) – Dick Westerhof
God has plans for the Netherlands together with Belgium and Germany. Chuck explains the time we are living in. Again: not a time to relax or wait but a time to step into the move of God. There will be a mighty move of God but it will not be like the old moves. It will be apostolic and prophetic of nature. Chuck prophecies that our nation will play a key role in this. So listen to what the Lord is saying through His prophets.
Prophetic Word 2020 – Chuck Pierce

Prophetic Word 2020
Chuck Pierce