We live in a time of great change and significant shifts are happening.

The sound of the prophets is very important and now a necessity. Their input gives us direction, focus and clarity. In addition, the sound of the apostles is necessary because we need this to build well.

The prophetic perspective is not one-sided. It is not just breakthrough and glory, or only doom and gloom awaiting the “grand finale.” The apostolic and prophetic perspective gives us an expectation of what God is going to do and a vision of what He is doing.

Get Ready for 2024 is a conference where you can expect to be given tools to make choices. It will equip you to position yourself in the new year so you can walk in what God has prepared for you.

Arleen Westerhof will share words from the (inter)national prophetic councils and Dick Westerhof will outline the apostolic setting in which these words can take shape.

It will also be a time of equipping, fellowship, fantastic worship and sharing a meal together.

In short: you don’t want to miss this. So feel free to invite others to this important event.

Practical information