Strategies Part II

strategies from the courts of heaven

The sequel of Strategies from the Courts of Heaven with Robert Henderson will be on Friday September 17, 2021.

strategies from the courts of heaven

Strategies Part II will discuss which strategies we need to see breakthroughs in our country, in our business, in the workplace, in our ministries and in our personal lives.

We invite you to join the online meeting with Robert Henderson.

We live in a time of increasing revelation. One of the key revelations is that of the Heavenly Courts in which God reveals Himself as the Judge. His judgments remove the blockages so that justice and justice can be realized. That is exactly what is needed.
Namely His throne is built on justice and righteousness which is even mentioned twice in the bible.

“Righteousness and judgment are the foundation of Thy throne” Ps 89:15, Ps 97:2

This throne is the seat of a Judge. Isaiah 16:5 says that Jesus sits on this throne. “Who judges and seeks justice, Who swiftly brings justice.”

Today we see the Holy Spirit illuminating this theme. Entering the Courts of Heaven on this matter will have a tremendous effect on our country, our business, our ministries and our personal lives. We invited Robert Henderson to teach and share his insights on this topic.

You are warmly invited to attend this online meeting. You will surely be blessed by it.

General information:

Date and time: September 17, 2021

Language: English (so no translation)

Costs: 20 euros p.p.

Organized by Global Prayer and Empowerment Center (GPEC) Europe and Coalition for Apostolic Reformation (CAR)

Part I was held on March 26th. If you have missed this that is no problem.
But if you want to listen and watch part I that is also an option. Please click on the button to order part I