By Design is a term conveying that something or someone was made a certain way for a specific reason by a designer who has a plan and a purpose. This name befits the life we are called to live. God did not create us to sit on the couch and wait for heaven. He made us to make heaven visible on earth.


Our Slogan

By Design’s slogan is: ‘You | GOD | More.’

  • You: you play an important part in the story. God chose you to make His glory visible in the world. Training and equipping you is a large portion of what the entities under By Design do.
  • God: the word God is in the middle. He is central. He is the reason for it all and He is the source.
  • More: One of the most important characyeristics of By Design is that we are not satisfied with status quo. We desire more intimacy with the Father, more revelation of who He is, more creative and innovative ideas from heaven, more manifestations of His glory here on earth. This ‘More’ is what makes the Apostolic Centre so attractive. The people coming to us all desire MORE of God.

When you say the slogan out loud, it sounds like You got more. This is also true, because God designed you in such a way that there’s much more in you and God has much more for you than you think. By Design wants to bring that out and make it visible by giving you tools which will help you show forth what God has placed in you to the world, giving Him the glory He deserves.


In de apostolische atmosfeer van By Design zullen voortdurend nieuwe ideeën, initiatieven en ondernemingen worden geboren. Het verhaal van By Design is niet af. Het wordt nog steeds geschreven.