The GPEC Hub Europe was established in October 2018 at the end of the Courts of Heaven conference with Robert Henderson in Amsterdam.
GPEC stands for Global Prayer and Empowerment Center and is led by Robert who is known worldwide for his teaching on the Courts of Heaven. This hub was established to advance praying in the courts of heaven in Europe, so that God’s Kingdom can break through in every sphere of society in Europe in a much greater way.
More information about the ministry of Robert Henderson can be found on: and

We believe that now is the time the Bible spoke about in Romans 8:19 where it says that all creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. In order to become these adult sons of God and walk in our God given destiny to rule as kings, we have to know three things: The first thing is how to stand in the council of the Lord in order to receive strategies and blue prints from Him. The second is how to operate in the courts of heaven and deal with the accusations of satan through which he is trying to block the establishing of the kingdom of God. And the third is how to execute the verdicts of the Lord on earth so that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Our vision is to advance the kingdom of God by teaching and helping believers to rule as kings.



The GPEC Hub Europe focusses on:

  • Teaching and equipping people on the courts of heaven and the council of the Lord through conferences and through training sessions offered by the Living In Your Destiny Foundation (in Dutch). Our aim is to offer online training in English in the future.
  • Praying together in the GPEC hub in Amsterdam to offer people a place to pray from the Courts of Heaven and see the Netherlands and the other countries of Europe change and walk in their God given destinies. These prayer sessions are ideal opportunities for those who want to learn how to do this in their own regions.
  • Raising up a network in the Netherlands and Europe of houses of prayer and be connected to them in corporate prayer (ekklesia).

Apostolic leaders

Dick and Arleen Westerhof oversee this hub as the Apostolic Leaders of GPEC Europe.

Dick is the co-founder, together with Arleen, of the God’s Embassy Church in Amsterdam which they started in 2005. Since then, it has grown into a leading Apostolic Center that includes multiple foundations and businesses. Dick is the Founder and Director of the Coalition for Apostolic Reformation (CAR), a National Apostolic Network committed to educating believers about the Gospel of the Kingdom and equipping those with a calling and a desire to impact the Seven Spheres of Influence (religion, family, education, business and economics, politics, media and art and culture). Dick is also the author of two books, ‘What next?! A new mindset for today’s church’. and ‘By Design, A prototype for apostolic centers that bring transformation’;available through Mandate Publishing.

Arleen is the Founder and Executive Director of the Economic Summit. The Economic Summit aims to transform businesses sustainably through mutual value creation, a relational view of society and paradigms based on Christian tradition, faith and thought. One of the key concepts that has played a major role in Economic Summit meetings has been the “Economics of Mutuality,” a management theory based on the Biblical concept of the Jubilee. Arleen is also the Founder and Facilitator of the Netherlands Prophetic Council and she co-leads the European Prophetic Council. Through her Schools of the Prophets she trains believers in all spheres of influence to hear God’s voice and bring transformation. Arleen is the author of the book, ‘IMPACT. Prophesy and Change the World’; available through Mandate Publishing and the website:

Dick and Arleen are also the Founders of ‘By Design’, an apostolic/prophetic network for Europe.