By Marie-Thérèse Van

God is not only the Father who loves us but also the Judge who gives us justice. For our deliverance, we can go to the heavenly Judge. He wants to acquit us because His Son made the sacrifice for this on the cross.
The accuser tries to block us in our destiny, where a lot of energy is lost in spiritual battle. But we can clean up the demonic blockages in our lives with our heavenly Judge. We are accused of our sins or those of our ancestors. When we confess these sins, we give the heavenly Judge the legal right to acquit ourselves and to condemn the demons.
The process of deliverance in the Courts of Heaven is clearly and easily documented in this book. Marie-Thérèse Van takes us through the entire process and with this book she has created a valuable and practical tool for deliverance. We learn to go for deliverance before the throne of God as heavenly Judge ourselves.
This book has a great understanding on how to functionally obtain what Jesus has already paid for us to have. In “Acquittal” we learn how to come before the Courts of Heaven and secure through the Blood of Jesus that which is rightfully ours. Any claims the devil is making to seek to hinder this, we learn how to remove and revoke. This book is a great help in learning to function in the spiritual demension called the Heavenly Courts. – Robert Henderson

By Arleen Westerhof

Prophecy transforms people’s lives, but it is meant for more. God is ready to transform every segment of society, and He reveals strategies to accomplish it.
Arleen Westerhof shows us how to work with prophetic revelation. She describes how to give prophetic words, test prophecies, and how apostles and prophets can work together to accomplish breakthrough. She shows that character development, inner healing and deliverance are essential for anyone building a prophetic ministry.
This practical book proves that prophecy can have an amazing impact on every aspect of the world around us!
Arleen Westerhof (Ph.D.) is the founder and director of the Netherlands Prophetic Council. She initiated the Living in Your Destiny Schools of the Prophets and founded Women on the Frontlines in the Netherlands. Arleen regularly speaks at conferences all over the world. Together with her husband Dick, she leads God’s Embassy Amsterdam, a church and apostolic center. Her passion is using prophecy to equip people to bring transformation to the different areas of society.