1. Worship (enter through the blood of the Lamb) / praying in tongues
  2. Stepping into the Courts of Heaven:
    Lord, we thank You that we may come before You as Judge for the nation of ….
    We ask You to bring us in the right courtroom with the right mandate. We are standing here as
    Your children and as Your ekklesia, covered with the Blood of Jesus.
  3. Revelation from the books (scrolls) of heaven:
    Lord, we ask You that all the books concerning … (nation) will be brought into this courtroom and that they will be opened.
    We ask You, Lord, that You reveal to us the destiny of this nation. (You have to know this if you want to release the nation into its destiny).
  4. Ask the Lord what legal issues are blocking the destiny of the nation.
    Lord, we ask You to reveal any legal issue that satan is bringing in as an accusation against this nation. We also ask You to bring in all the confessions that have already been made.
    Take time to confess the additional sins the Lord shows you.
    Sins concerning a nation: e.g. religion (church), ungodly treaties/covenants (the official ones as well as the oral ones), murder (also abortion), idolatry, witchcraft, attitude towards Israel, corruption, fraud. For trading away sovereignty: Is. 10:13.
  5. Renounce ungodly words that have been spoken (negative words and curses/ spells):
    Based on Isaiah 54, verse 17 we condemn every tongue that rises against this nation in judgment
  6. Positive testimonies (e.g. by Cloud of Witnesses):
    Lord, we ask You to allow that people from the Cloud of Witnesses may speak in favour of this nation.
  7. Summons (you could leave this out (depending on the people you are praying with), since the angels execute the verdict anyway):
    Heavenly Judge, I ask that all demons and demonic spirits, that are connected to … will be bound and brought into this courtroom by Your warrior angels. Heavenly Judge, I ask You furthermore to bring everybody to this court session, of whom You think he should be there (in the spirit). Thank You that You will see to it that everybody in the courtroom will keep the rules of protocol and that You have appointed angels to maintain order.
  8. Make your claims known, based on the destiny and blueprints
  9. Verdict:
    Lord, we ask You to render Your verdict. Release Your angels to execute this verdict and put a copy of it in the hearts of all those involved.
  10. Proclaim the verdict and release the destiny / strategy
    (by proclaiming angels are being released to execute the verdict)
  11. Thank the heavenly Judge and conclude the prayer