Word of the Lord for 2019 from Arleen Westerhof


The Spirit of the Lord is saying that it is time for a new visitation. This time however new really does mean new. God is breaking things off of our lives and ministries, even things that He gave us in the past, in order to prepare us for what’s to come. While we honour what’s been done before, in this season we cannot afford to model our lives or our ministries after what happened in the past. If we do we will miss what God is doing now. We have never been this way before.

In Genesis 18 Abraham was sitting in front of his tent during the heat of the day. All of a sudden he looked up and saw three men standing in front of him. What Abraham did next catalysed destiny for he and Sarah. He stood up and and he ran to meet them. The arrival of these men wasn’t convenient and it wasn’t expected. At first, he didn’t even realise that it was the Lord! Abraham however interrupted what he was doing in order to host the men. His being wiling to interrupt his plans resulted in the fulfilment of God’s promise for the son that they had been waiting on for more than 20 years! (Gen. 18:10)

The Spirit of God is saying the same thing to us: “This time next year!” There are doors in heaven that have never been open before in our lifetimes and these doors won’t stay open for long. This is the season of “the great interruption” and we have to be prepared to act. Those who are prepared to interrupt and adjust their own plans and schedules as God intervenes will see new doors for personal breakthrough and kingdom advancement open.

Other areas that the Lord is touching this year
A new level of authority attached to the proclamation of the prophetic word
At Creation God’s Spirit hovered over the waters. Suddenly the sound of His voice burst forth: “Let there be light!” and there was light. This season is about the power of the “sound” that God is calling us to release on the earth. As we speak and call forth what we hear in the Spirit, God will release a new level of supernatural power, joined to the prophetic, so that the impossible (humanly speaking) becomes possible and manifests here on the earth. It’s time to get out our old prophetic words that have yet to be fulfilled and remind heaven and hell of what has been said until they come to pass.

A new generation of Elijah prophets raised up
2019 will also see a new generation of Elijah prophet raised up that will stand before kings and rulers and proclaim the word of the Lord. They will say, “At my word, this specific thing will happen so that you may know that there is a God in heaven who presides over the affairs of men.” God will back up the words of His prophets and will display Himself as “El Shaddai” through this new release of signs, wonders and miracles in the prophetic. Psalm 2:8 This is the year in which God says, “Ask of Me and I will give you the nations.”

A shift in the Prayer Movement and harvest
There’s a shift occurring in the Prayer Movement as God pours out a Spirit of boldness on His intercessors. Contending Houses of Prayer, Houses of Prayer that wage war in the Spirit and know how to use their authority in the Courts of Heaven, will be raised up to counter the increase in demonic attack against God’s children. Strategic level intercession will be released to run together with evangelism to see the harvest of souls come in. The Spirit of the Lord is saying: “It’s harvest time!”

Revival flying together with Reformation
The Spirit of God is thrusting many of HIs people, especially the Millennial generation, into the spheres of Influence in society and some of us will need to go back to school to prepare ourselves. I hear the voice of the Lord asking, “Are you willing to lay down your life, pick up your cross and go where He sends you, even if it’s into government or business?” It’s no longer business as usual, especially in business, economics and government. Not long ago the Lord woke me up at night and said, “Heaven is not in crisis and I have the solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. My people however aren’t asking me for them!” God is out for nothing less than the total transformation of our societies. He’s out to heal business and government in order to heal the world.