Fatherheart Schools

It is essential for everyone to know our Heavenly Father’s love personally

Father Heart Schools with David & Faith Dalley.

The theme is IDENTITY.

The foundation of our identity is the love of God our Father so that we can live as his sons and daughters.

We usually know this in our minds but it has not always dropped down the 40 centimeters to our hearts. The father heart schools with David & Faith have proven to be very effective in experiencing the love of God the Father to strengthen our identity in Him.


You know with your head that God the Father loves you. Very much so. Yet it is difficult for each of us to live from this knowledge on a day-to-day basis. Precisely because the adversary tries to undermine this truth all the time. The truth is that you are his son or daughter, and this is the foundation of your identity. The father heart schools help you know this truth in your heart.


David & Faith Dalley

We held the first father heart school with David & Faith in 2008. We saw and experienced its fruit. Therefore, we have held more than 20 schools with them. Their teaching is so loving but at the same time it is so confronting because the pain in your heart is exposed. David & Faith, in their unique and anointed way, help you to be immersed in the love our Father has for you and have your identity restored.


One of the powerful parts of this school is that in addition to rock solid teaching, time is also taken to let the material become real to you by giving the Holy Spirit room to do God’s work in you.

We have a good and experienced team available to help you do that.

David & Faith Dalley
& Ministry

Two schools.

The message of the fatherly heart of God is comprehensive. There are many aspects to this multi-faceted subject. Too much to cover in a single school of 2 days. In order to properly receive the fullness of the father’s heart, it is important that various topics are addressed. There are therefore two schools.

It is necessary to first attend school 1 before you can participate in school 2.

For whom & Why

This is a school for everyone. You don’t have to be in trouble or have major issues to participate. None of us has had a perfect father. None of us can say I’ve had enough Father Love now! All our lives we are all in the process of allowing more of His love to become a reality in our lives.



For whom


By really starting to forgive from my own heart, I have only just been able to experience God's loving Father heart, and much has changed in my life.

My identity has grown because I feel I am a beloved son by the Father heart of God.

I thought I knew God as a Father because I grew up believing. But when I heard the teaching of David and Faith it radically changed my life.

The father heart school has helped me discover and clean up things I was ashamed of and thought negatively about myself. I can and am allowed to be myself and it is so freeing.