The Foundation Living In Your Destiny provides training for Christians who would like to grow in their God given destiny.
Training sessions are being offered in the following areas:

What we do

  1. Dealing with issues that hinder you to walk in your destiny (deliverance and inner healing)
  2. Learning to hear the voice of God and to prophesy from the books in heaven with the destinies of God (Hearing Gods voice and the Schools of the Prophets)
  3. Learning how to pray in the Courts of Heaven so that destinies can be released (Courts of Heaven)
  4. Finding your destiny in one of the seven mountains in society (Kingdom training Schools)
  5. Finally we have recently added the ‘Love After Marriage’ Course: when people have strong marriages it is easier for them to walk in their God given destinies.

All the training sessions of Living In Your Destiny are in DUTCH. However, we have some resources available in English. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Extra Information