The Kingdom Training School was founded in the knowledge that revival often doesn’t lead to lasting change in society. This requires new ways of thinking and new skills. These are fundamentally different from what is currently taught in most Bible schools and training schools.

The purpose of this school is to equip Christians, so that they know what they are called for, what spheres of influence they are called for, and on what level. In addition, we teach our students to know how God created each one of them personally and equipped them specifically to function in their calling. The school also helps students to take steps to (begin to) walk in their destiny. In this way the students will be more equipped to take their place in society as a representative of God’s kingdom.



This goal is realized by:

  • Teaching sessions to close the gaps in knowledge (theological and practical) and to learn the new ways of thinking needed for transformation.
  • Mentors and assignments to help apply the teaching material in a practical way.
  • Personality, gifts and talents tests.
  • Prophetic input.
  • Deployment phase.

Traditionally there is a difference between the evangelical and the traditional ,more liberal movement. The first one is focused on the spiritual (angels, heaven, spiritual warfare, etc.), the second on the natural (character, skills, taking concrete steps). The Kingdom Training School links these two areas so that the spiritual and the natural are connected in a healthy and productive way.


For Whom?

  • For anyone who wants to know his/her calling and destiny, who is not satisfied with the status quo and who wants to make a difference in this world.
  • For anyone who has a desire to be part of the movement of the Holy Spirit of transformation of nations and spheres of influence.
  • For everyone who desires to see transformation in the lives of people and society.

KTS is not only meant for people who have a calling for a church, a ministry or mission, but also for the 97% who have a calling in society.