Kingdom Vision

The Living In Your Destiny foundation has a strong Kingdom vision. The original mandate of man is to rule over creation as a steward (Gen. 1: 26-28) so that man could make God’s kingdom visible on earth (Ps. 115:16). It is His intention that we would live as kings and priests (Ex 19:6). Jesus instructed His disciples to  preach the Kingdom (Matt. 10). This involves much more than just the gospel of salvation.

The seven mountains are the ‘seven spheres of influence in society’: religion, family, government, education, media, business, arts & entertainment. The seven mountains strategy is, in our opinion, one of the clearest and most effective strategies to carry out the Kingdom’s vision and to achieve influence and impact in society. This will lead to transformation of society and in that way realize God’s intention of stewardship.

Seven Mountains

Your Destination

Living In Your Destiny is convinced that every human being has a God-given unique destiny. It is always God’s intention that through developing a person’s gifts, talents, knowledge and experience, a believer is being prepared for the task that God has specifically assigned to him/her. The training program of Living in your Destiny has been developed with this vision in mind and is in line with the normal discipleship process that every Christian should go through.

At the moment there are four areas within the training curriculum of Living In Your Destiny. First there are courses that can help us in our personal restoration process (deliverance, inner healing), then courses that help us hear the voice of God and act & prophesy  accordingly. (‘God speaks today’ and the schools of the prophets), thirdly courses that focus on our functioning within the Kingdom of God (Kingdom training schools) and lastly courses that teach us how to pray in the courts of heaven.

In addition to the above areas, we are expanding our program towards marriage (‘Love after marriage’) and family (possibly in the near future). When we, as believers, have strong marriages and families, it is easier to live out our destinies in the Kingdom of God.

Participants of the courses have testified, among other things, that their lives have become more meaningful and that they are more aware of their destiny. Many experience more freedom, inner peace and breakthroughs. Other participants experience very clearly that their relationship with God has deepened and that they are better able to understand the voice of God in their lives and to prophesy from there.

The Training Courses


Supervising and training other institutions and organizations
It is the vision of Living In Your Destiny to also train and supervise other (church) institutions and organizations. In consultation Living In Your Destiny is able to provide training in your own church or organization. If you are interested you can fill out the e-mail form (see ‘contact’) and make an appointment.