Lifechanging Prayer (Lifeshaping) is a way of praying into areas of trauma and stress. You can see it as prayer for spiritual and emotional recovery. During the session the Lord is free to do what He wants in the life of the person. He is the One who has complete control. Jesus is the One who changes someone’s life.

Lifechanging Prayer is a process in which we have the privilege to see the Holy Spirit lead someone to freedom when the truth sets him or her free. Jesus said, “And you shall KNOW the truth, and the TRUTH shall set you free” (John 8:32).

Emotional pain is the result of an unpleasant event in the past. If that event happened more often or was very traumatic, lies may connect to it. The lies remain with us. Often we can’t trace the roots of those lies. These lies cause us to behave according to the ‘truth’ of those lies when we find ourselves in similar situations.

What is Lifechanging Prayer not?
* Guided Imagination or Visualization
* “Leading” or influencing the person with the request for help (the client)
* Teaching/pastoring
* Hypnosis
* New Age
* Psychotherapy – behavioral therapy – rescripting

Life Changing Prayer