The story and DNA of Embassy and how to become a member

Embassy has its own sound, its own DNA and a special story. Like any other church. If you are considering joining Embassy it is good to have an understanding of the heart and the vision that form the foundation of this church. We can do this on paper, but how much better it is to hear it from the founder of Embassy himself.

Dick Westerhof started God’s Embassy Amsterdam together with his wife Arleen. In these 8 videos he shares about the DNA that God has given to this church. These are 8 encouraging stories that show time and again how God’s hand has been on this house.

If you are considering joining or want to join online or want to be connected to this house with your own group, watch these 8 videos and then fill out the reply form.

DNA of God's Embassy and becoming a member

The beginning of the Church

This video talks about the start of the church and about a number of crucial events in the start-up phase of God's Embassy.

The prominent role of
the Holy Spirit

This video explains the first of Embassy's 4 distinctive characteristics. That is the leading role of the Holy Spirit.

The fivevold ministry

This video explains the second of Embassy's 4 distinctive characteristics. That is the place that the fivefold ministry has and the leading role of the apostle/prophet combination.

The message of the Kingdom of God

This video explains the third of Embassy's 4 distinctive characteristics. That is the message of the kingdom of God. This message is about being more than just a church and it challenges us to make His Kingdom visible outside the walls of the church.

The great importance of Character

This video explains the last of Embassy's 4 distinctive characteristics. That is the great importance of character. It is essential that we remain in the process of personal growth in order to function in our destiny.

The organisation and her fruits

In this video you can hear the story about the ministries that originated from Embassy. It is like a tree from which all kinds of branches sprout from the trunk.

The Apostolic Center
By Design

In this video you will hear how Embassy is connected to other ministries and networks. You will also hear how the church is a part of the apostolic center By Design.

How you can
get involved?

The last video talks about the ministries within Embassy. It also gives you an idea on how you could be involved in the Embassy family.

In the last video we talked about a number of options to get involved or aligned with God’s Embassy.

If you wish, please fill out the form below. After completing the form, we will contact you as soon as possible to have an (online) conversation with you. This conversation is for introduction purposes and is a kind of intake. We do not have a standard trajectory for new members, but as a result of the conversation we look for ways of connecting for what suits you best.

Becoming a member from God’s Embassy
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Becoming a member from God's Embassy