When Christians have not confessed their sins, demons can harass, hinder and oppose them, in order to prevent them from fulfilling the God given destinies on their lives. Demons  can enter into our lives not only through our own sins, but through the sins of our ancestors as well. Sin and iniquity form open doors in our lives through which darkness can influence us.

In Living In Your Destiny we see deliverance as part of the christian discipleship process and not as part of the pastoral care. After we have received the Lord Jesus in our hearts as Lord and Savior and after we have been baptized it is time for deliverance prayer. Deliverance offers us the opportunity to get rid of our demonic baggage so that we can continue to grow spiritually.

Very many people testify about how their lives have been changed since they have received deliverance. They experience more freedom and power to walk in their destinies.
Living in Your Destiny also offers training in deliverance prayer for those people who would like to minister in this area.

When you would like to receive more information about the deliverance trajectory you are very welcome on one of our information evenings (only in Dutch). During these evenings we will only give information on deliverance; we will not pray for deliverance.


Lifechanging Prayer (Lifeshaping) is a way of praying in the area of traumas and stress. You can see it as a kind of spiritual and emotional recovery. During the session the Lord is free to do what He wants in the life of the person. He is the one who has complete control. Jesus is the one who changes someone’s life.

Such a Lifechanging Prayer is a process in which we have the privilege to see the Holy Spirit lead someone to freedom when the truth sets him free.
Jesus said, “And you shall KNOW the truth, and the TRUTH shall set you free” (John 8:32).

The emotional pain is the result of an unpleasant event in the past. If that event happened more often or was very traumatic, lies connect to it. The lies remain. Often we can no longer trace the roots of those lies. The lies cause us to behave according to the truth of those lies in similar situations.

What is Lifechanging Prayer not?
* Guided Imagination or Visualization
* “Leading” (or influencing) the person with the request for help (client)
* Teaching/pastoring
* Hypnosis
* New Age
* Psychotherapy – behavioral therapy – rescripting


Are you married and do you want more connection, intimacy and closeness with your partner? Do you want your marriage to be the way God intends it – a true spiritual, emotional and sexual union? Then Love After Marriage is for you!

In the early spring of 2021 this new workshop will start at LIYD. Love After Marriage (LAM) is not a conference but a workshop for every marriage, good or not so good, long or short, young or old, extinct or fresh. Our goal is to guide married couples towards a relationship characterized by openness, vulnerability and love. During the LAM workshop couples have the opportunity, through the work of the Holy Spirit, to grow in spiritual, emotional and sexual unity in their relationship.

Participation in the LAM workshop gives you practical insights and tools. Registration for this workshop will open in the autumn (of 2020). React quickly, because full is full. So keep an eye on LIYD’s mails for dates, times and costs.